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Hi, I’m Lynda Enright and I’m an educator, coach, and nutrition expert helping individuals heal their gut and create positive changes in their lifestyle so they can feel well every day.

I help my clients reduce the chronic inflammation that’s been created by a life of SAD (the Standard American Diet), overuse of prescription and over the counter medications, inactivity, excess stress and sleep deprivation. I help women and men who have suffered for years with being overweight, digestive upset, aches and pains, and brain fog, and are ready to get their life and their vibrant health back.

Not only do I have a Master’s of Science in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota, certification in LEAP Therapy for food sensitivities, Health and Wellness Coach certification from Wellcoaches, and am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, but I learned from personal experience how healthy eating and living can allow us to thrive. I resolved my own irritable bowel syndrome and have helped hundreds of patients achieve healthy weight, reduce inflammation, increase their energy, eliminate aches and pains, and come out of their brain fog!

Throughout my own journey – a diet of fast food, using over-the-counter medications to cover up symptoms, and not exercising consistently, I learned how much it sucks to feel bad all the time, and that the seemingly hard choices are more than worth feeling amazing every day. I learned that food truly is medicine and much of the food we are consuming is making a large part of the American population very sick. I’m very passionate about educating as many people as I can before we’re all too sick to recover.

My goal is for you to LOVE how you look and feel!

If you’re ready to create changes in your life so you can feel well every single day, click here to learn more about working with me.

Want to know more about me?

Here are some fun facts to hold you over:

  1. I am a Mom to 3 children.
  2. I met my now husband when I was 16 and working at McDonald’s.
  3. I worked in business management before studying nutrition.
  4. I still struggle sometimes to make the best choices for my health.
  5. My favorite place to be is at my family’s cabin – which was built the year before I was born.
  6. My favorite thing to do is bike rides with my family around the lakes near our home.
  7. I like to golf.
    If you are ready to get your health back, don’t wait another day …

"Lynda has been terrific! One on One coaching has been the answer for me. She has taught me how to eat better and live healthier in a lifestyle of much travel and eating out! She has given me a great ideas and has challenged me to be my best in a very realistic sustainable way. I am so happy to have found her!"

– Julie B.