Heal Your Gut. Reclaim Your Health. Restore Your Wellbeing.

Two-thirds of American adults are overweight, and childhood obesity is rapidly rising. Ten to fifteen percent of adults live with IBS and/or anxiety, and twenty percent battle chronic constipation and/or heartburn. All of this illness isn’t just circumstantial; our bodies are trying to tell us something!

We are suffering from an epidemic of chronic inflammation and inflammatory diseases. This vicious cycle of illness, traditional treatment, and recurring symptoms is getting us nowhere. We need to address the root causes of chronic illness and lifestyle dissatisfaction. I believe gut health and nutritional therapy are the keys to unlocking wellness.

As an educator, coach, and nutrition expert, I help individuals heal their gut and create positive lifestyle changes so they can reclaim their health and live vibrantly. I practice integrative and functional nutrition therapy, paired with a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to patient care. This no-nonsense treatment uses proven techniques, clinical knowledge, and modern science to decipher symptoms and create customized nutrition plans.

My extensive training includes a Master’s of Science in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota, continued education in Integrative and Functional Nutrition Therapy, certification in LEAP Therapy for food sensitivities, Health and Wellness Coach certification from Wellcoaches, and I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist.

Are you ready to invest in your health, get to the root of your symptoms, and find real solutions that empower you to live a healthy life? Connect with me today; you’ll be glad that you finally said “yes” to prioritizing your health!

Lynda Enright MS, RDN, LD, CLT
Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
LEAP Therapist, Speaker 

My Health Journey

In the grand tradition of American teenagers, I worked part-time in fast food during high school. I enjoyed the job, but between school, socializing, working, and family time I had little energy left for cultivating healthy habits. My fast food diet and inconsistent exercise caught up with me and eventually led to stomach problems.

At first, I ignored my symptoms, however, the heartburn, gas, bloating, abdominal pain, and diarrhea all became unbearable. Over-the-counter medications only provided temporary relief, and I was starting to feel awful all of the time. Something needed to change!

My health journey started with my diet. I cut out fast food, pop, and excess sugar, and focused on eating more whole, nutrient-dense foods. Next, I began studying nutrition, implementing what I was learning to improve my health more each day. After completing my training in integrative and functional nutrition, I saw my food sensitivities and gut health make new strides. Today, I no longer live in the shadow of symptoms, my health and well-being have both been restored.

My goal is for you to LOVE how you look and feel!

If you’re ready to create changes in your life so you can feel well every single day, click here to learn more about working with me.


  1. I am a Mom to 3 children.
  2. I met my now husband when I was 16 and working at McDonald’s.
  3. I worked in business management before studying nutrition.
  4. I still struggle sometimes to make the best choices for my health.
  5. My favorite place to be is at my family’s cabin – which was built the year before I was born.
  6. My favorite thing to do is bike rides with my family around the lakes near our home.
  7. I like to golf.

I started the program because I was feeling tired and run down, moody and frequently cranky. I wasn’t sure if it would make a difference and I was really worried about giving up caffeine. Wow what a difference, I have more energy and it is more steady through out the day, making me less moody and cranky. Giving up caffeine is not something I had contemplated doing, but now I am so glad I did and have no intention to of going back.

Participating in Lynda’s Winter Detox was such an empowering and transformative experience. Being a busy working mom and junk food lover, I had never felt drawn to follow a “cleanse”, but decided to give it a try. After going through 3 weeks of destroying cells with radiation, I felt I should focus on rejuvenating the healthy ones. So I dove in. And what a difference it has made! Not only did I lose 8 pounds, but every day, all day, I felt energized, positive, uplifted and healthy. The recipes, menu suggestions and daily protocols had me feeling like I was at a spa for 2 weeks.

I've done "detoxes" before. This isn't anything I'd have ever thought of as a detox. You're not stuck on liquid. Food has flavor! I wasn't hungry for a moment. Not only did I lose 7 pounds in 3 weeks...I've kept it off!  And I feel great!  I sleep better, my digestive system is happier than it's ever been, and I'm in better moods.

My Programs

Be Well Detox

Be Well Detox

Ditch diets forever and have fun this year while healing your gut and releasing weight naturally with our 14-day Seasonal Detox program.

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Reclaim Your Health

Reclaim Your Health

Our eight-week comprehensive food as a medicine program is perfect for those who are looking to reclaim a healthy life.

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Refine Lifestyle Program

Refine Lifestyle Program

Learn about our convenient and exclusive ten-week online nutrition and lifestyle program.

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Private Nutrition Coaching

Private Nutrition Coaching

This customized health program includes functional nutrition and wellness assessments, phone sessions and more!

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