Prioritizing Your Health During the Holidays

The truth is, this time of year that’s supposed to be about making memories and spreading peace and goodwill leaves many of us burnt out. We get swept up in other people’s expectations, run ourselves ragged, and stop prioritizing our health.

Sure, it’s perfectly natural to enjoy a few Christmas cookies and fancy meals. But, it’s the combination of letting your regular habits slip and seasonal stress that can zap your body of all energy and momentum. Before you know it, you haven’t exercised in weeks or can’t remember the last time you ate a green veggie!

The pitfalls of all of this extra merrymaking are easy to identify, but it can be harder to make plans for how to avoid them. Here are a few pieces of our best advice for staying health-focused during the holidays.

Meal-Plan When Possible

This one’s a game changer, keep working from a normal meal-plan whenever possible. Sure, you might overindulge at the office party, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat wholesome meals every other day.

Bring a Healthy Dish to Parties

Be the one to bring a fruit tray, veggie platter, or salad to that Christmas gathering. Honestly, plenty of other folks will be sick of the steady stream of cookies and baked brie too. They’ll sing your praises and gladly enjoy your simple, healthy party addition!

Let Go of People’s Expectations

You are in charge of your health, no one else. Don’t let anyone guilt you into having that second drink or eating that special dessert. The holidays are about being together, not meeting others’ expectations. Do what feels good to you, don’t worry about making anyone else happy with your food choices.

Start New, Active Traditions

Tired of sedentary celebrations? Then start a new, active tradition for your family gathering! Run a race together, take a fitness class, go skating or skiing, or simply get everyone to take a walk together.

Make Time for Yourself

Finally, leave some margin in your schedule for self-care. We all need downtime, even during the holidays. Give yourself a break to read a good book, cook a healthy meal, or go on a run. You’ll thank yourself later!

Ready to beat the holiday health slump and take even more proactive steps to start the new year on a fresh page? Look into joining our Be Well Detox program! It will up your energy and kick-start your year with healthy changes.  

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