Reclaim Your Health Now

Hit the Reset Button on Your Health

If you’re tired of feeling run down, exhausted, and all around unwell, then our eight-week Reclaim Your Health Program might be just the reset that you need! A comprehensive food as medicine program, Reclaim Your Health focuses on restoring your body through a nutrient-dense diet. Through guidance, dietary education, and a strong support system, participants discover the path to their optimal health.

Reduce Chronic Physical Issues

Through a deeper understanding of how your diet impacts your everyday health, this program can help you concur and reduce chronic physical symptoms and inflammation such as digestive upset, weight gain, brain fog, or aches and pains. We also focus on lifestyle choices that support a healthy liver, heal a leaky gut, and lower future risks of disease. After all, a long-term, health-centered mindset is all about preventing future disease, not just maintaining the status quo.

Your $247.00 investment in this program includes:

  • A one-on-one phone session
  • Five webinar sessions
  • Regular email encouragement and support to help you implement dietary changes
  • Comprehensive resources to deepen your knowledge of food as medicine
  • A cookbook packed with delicious and nutrient dense recipes
  • Planning menus to incorporate nutritional foods into your day with ease
  • Additional phone sessions offered at a discounted cost ($120 per session)

Don’t delay taking charge of your health until the new year, Reclaim Your Health now! You won’t regret investing in your wellness and finally feeling good in your body again. Food is medicine, get in touch with us today to begin unlocking its power in your own life.

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