Reclaim Your Health


Reclaim Your Health is a comprehensive 8-week food as medicine program focused on the foundations of diet and how to promote vitality and wellness using food. We accomplish this by empowering clients with dietary education and guidance. The end goal is to promote greater vitality and wellness through nourishing food. In the Reclaim Your Health program you will:

  • Discover how introducing the right types of fat in your diet can reduce the risk of disease, promote optimal brain health and prevent inflammation.
  • The program will teach you about dietary choices for optimal blood sugar regulation to prevent cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, overweight and obesity.
  • The liver functions to detoxify from all we are exposed to in our environment and supporting its health is needed for optimal health. Learn about dietary and lifestyle choices needed to support a healthy liver.
  • Discover dietary choices that support a healthy immune system. Leaky gut, how it might happen and how to heal. Foods and probiotics for a healthy gut.


This program is ideal for individuals who want to:
  • Prevent chronic disease later in life
  • Maximize their nutrition for optimal health
  • Reduce chronic symptoms such as digestive upset, weight gain, brain fog, mental dysfunction, or aches and pains
  • Understand and implement the food as medicine mindset
What does the package include?
  • A one-on-one phone session
  • Five webinar sessions
  • Regular email encouragement and support to help you implement dietary changes
  • Comprehensive resources to deepen your knowledge of food as medicine
  • A cookbook packed with delicious and nutrient dense recipes
  • Planning menus to incorporate nutritional foods into your day with ease
  • Additional phone sessions offered at a discounted cost ($120 per session)