Refine Lifestyle Program


The Refine Your Lifestyle program is an exclusive 10 week online nutrition and lifestyle program. The goal is to help you prepare daily for making healthy choices in food and exercise while focusing on what’s important in your life to achieve your health goals. Here is some additional information about what the program includes:

  • Discovering the tools for creating healthy habits
  • Integrating exercise into your life
  • Balancing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for successful weight management
  • Learning to eat with awareness and mindfulness
  • Removing lifestyle clutter to promote optimal health
  • Strategies for making healthy choice each day
  • Using focus to achieve health goals
  • Living healthfully through positive thinking
  • Forming long-term healthy habits


This program is ideal for individuals who want to:
  • Move past struggles and finally form consistent healthy habits
  • Lose weight and keep it off for good
  • Create a better life balance
  • Leave behind “diets” and get real results
What does the package include?
  • Ten webinar sessions
  • Regular email encouragement and support to help you implement dietary changes
  • A quick and easy recipe book
  • Streamlined and stress-free menu plans
  • The Stock Your Kitchen grocery list
  • Optional private phone sessions offered at a discounted cost ($120 per session)