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What's your joyful menopause plan?

Your hormones might be messing with your ability to breeze through the years leading up to and after menopause. Take the quiz to find out which hormones are wreaking havoc and get solutions to feel like yourself again.

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You don't have to settle any longer. 

You can ...

Maintain a weight where you feel confident
brain fog
Normalize digestion

With education and support you can feel amazing.

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Get individualized guidance for your unique stage in your wellness journey.

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Support For Women During
Menopause and Peri-Menopause


Join a group of women navigating our environment to live their best health and life.

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Imagine if you went from...

  • feeling groggy all day after hours of missed sleep
  • trying too many outfits on to find one that you can button comfortably
  • hot flashes leaving you and the sheets soaked at night

To ...

  • making choices so you can achieve YOUR best health
  • losing weight (and the belly weight) during menopause
  • eating well to eliminate brain fog, fatigue, and constipation
  • understanding what it takes to make menopause your best years yet. 

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3 Secrets To Creating A Joyful Menopause

"Working with Lynda has transformed me. My pantry, my attitude and eating habits, my body and my overall relationship with food are changed.

I sleep, I wake up refreshed, I don't have food comas or experience cravings, I don't have heart burn or GI issues. I exercise and I eat well and it feels like taking care of myself in the healthiest way possible.

Lynda, I really can't thank you enough!."

Meg C.

In a world where convenience is key, fast and cheap is preferred,

a packed schedule is common ...

a plan that works in your life will create long-term results.

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