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Katie Q.

I started working with Lynda post-Covid when my bad food and drinking habits were at their worst. We started with easy steps to move forward and break the bad cycles I was in.

She also helped me understand why my food and drinking habits were contributing to my exhausted and lack of motivation. She helped me understand through science and facts, and then gave the human empathy piece with how to move forward.

I was always given lots of information on how to curb bad habits, and small steps to move forward, while still challenging my comfort level. I’ve learned so much from our meetings and so much awareness of what contributed to my bad habits.

It’s amazing how simple awareness can lead to great things. I wouldn’t be on the path I’m on today without my meetings with Lynda!

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How Beth reduced inflammation, improved gut health, and got her good health back with a personalized nutrition plan. 

Camilla M.

If she isn’t already, you need to make Lynda your absolute go-to person for everything to do with women’s health and particularly women peri or menopausal. Everything Lynda does is based on thorough research combined with practical application. What I love about her is that it is never ‘one-size-fits-all’. She’s not advocating the latest fads as her work is science-based.

Lynda is an inspiration. She walks her talk. She’s super-healthy and yet she’s not intimidatingly healthy.

I love the fact that she’ll encourage you to eat well 80% of the time and have those moments of indulgence and ‘whatever’ for 20% of the time which makes you want to stick to what she advises.

Lynda is calm and approachable. She never makes you feel bad if you haven’t stuck to your goals but she will gently help you get back on track.

I feel SO much better from working with Lynda.  I have more energy, my skin is glowing, my digestive problems are so much better and Lynda has also encouraged me with practices for a more positive mindset.

Don’t hestitate to work with Lynda!.

Kristin B.


Working with Lynda gave me the resolve to make dietary changes I'd been avoiding before. I knew certain foods were disrupting my digestion and health, but finding which ones felt like playing Whack-a-Mole. Lynda's calm approach helped to sort the facts from fears as well as make sense of the gobs of information on the internet. Lynda helped me focus on what worked and didn't for me. She was invested in helping calm my symptoms and figure out how to avoid triggers yet also eat a varied, nutritious, and enjoyable diet.

Kirsten A.

My goals in working with Lynda were centered around personal wellness. Lynda's depth of knowledge, passion for her work and ability to inspire progress was instrumental in helping me achieve measurable change. I am grateful to have worked with such a dedicated and compassionate person. Lynda is an outstanding wellness coach. 

Monica C.

I started working with Lynda with hope but skepticism having done the Whole 30 previously with mixed results. Lynda's help was exactly what I needed and helped beyond what I was expecting. I sought help because of GI issues, migraines, and arthritis. All of them have improved. I felt the help from Lynda and the accountability from our meetings made it possible for me to stick with the program so much better than if I had gotten all the information and tried it on my own. She helped me figure out how to manage company work parties, potlucks, packing food for a road trip, etc. It was definitely worth the investment of time and money!!

Meg C.

Working with Lynda has transformed me. My pantry, my attitude and eating habits, my body and my overall relationship with food are changed. Mine is not an interesting story -- I was a skinny girl who hit adult life, had a child and 7 years later I was never denying myself what I wanted to eat or drink, but I was never satisfied either. Together, Lynda and I identified the challenges (sugar, travel, time crunch) and found solutions that stick. After two months I am confident that I can sustain a healthy life rooted in eating good food for the right reasons because I feel so different. I sleep, I wake up refreshed, I don't have food comas or experience cravings, I don't have heart burn or GI issues. I exercise and I eat well and it feels like taking care of myself in the healthiest way possible and that's so much more than any coffee, cake, pizza or glass of wine ever did for me! This summer I won't be wishing I had the strength and energy to paddle board, I'll be hollering at my 7 year old to catch up! Lynda, I really can't thank you enough!

Marty R.

I am happy to say that your counseling and wisdom has stayed with me ever since our first conversation. There was one thing that you said to me that had probably the most profound effect; you told me that you didn't want me to ever be afraid of food. Best piece of advice on this subject I've ever received.
I will tell you that as I became more and more accustomed to a new lifestyle, I fully embraced this idea coupled with my own understanding of why I ate the way that I did. This was long before NOOM became so popular, so I'd like to think that we broke ground way ahead of the curve. It is simple logic and psychology, and requires no membership to anything except oneself.
I will also tell you that, six years later, I have not gained back one pound of the weight I lost. Even though I have not yet been able to return to the gym, I still work out six days a week, have maintained a very healthy lifestyle, and now have two more grandchildren. My living room became my gym, and for now, it will suffice.
So that is where I am today. While the pandemic has certainly taken an emotional toll on so many people, I can tell you that it has not become an excuse to revert back to old, destructive habits. Quite the contrary. Now, when confinement begins to close in, I hop on my exercise bike and watch something on TV. After an hour or so, well, it seems to work quite well.
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Debbie M.

It can be much easier to make healthy choices when you're participating in a short term, structured program than when you try to rely on your own willpower and self discipline. The structure of the program was easy to follow, with support from Lynda at key points. After completing the program, I have no desire to return. to previous poor eating habits. I feel much healthier and stronger from completing the Detox program.

Laura B.

Participating in Lynda's Detox was such an empowering and transformative experience. Being a busy working mom and junk food lover, I had never felt drawn to follow a "cleanse," but decided to give it a try. What a difference it has made! Not only did I lose 8 lbs, but every day, all day, I felt energized, positive, uplifted and healthy. The recipes, menu suggestions and daily protocols had me feeling like I was at a spa!

Russ N.

After working with Lynda I can now fit nicely into my clothes and am able to move with less stress on my joints. Lynda is knowledgeable and consistent in her coaching support. I have really enjoyed my daily check-ins and regular insights Lynda has given me to stay on track and achieve my goals.

Jenni S.

Lynda was fantastic to work with. She is informative and supportive in a non-judgmental way. I felt like she really took the time to understand my goals and worked with me on a sustainable plan that would fit my lifestyle.

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Anna R.

I had begun taking care of myself - waking up consistently, working out, and eating better. However, I still found myself to be regularly bloated, and figured professional diet help was my next step in wellness. After working together I began to experience consistent bowel movements, little to no bloating, and overall felt better. I didn't fully notice until I looked at my past symptoms and realized I also had no period cramps and my constant runny nose had stopped. I have learned how to listen to my body!