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Are you…

  • Getting so bloated after eating it’s hard to button up your pants?
  • Tired of looking at a closet full of clothes where everything looks and feels uncomfortable or too tight?
  • Trying (or have tried) everything to lose weight, but it seems 10 times harder than it used to be?
  • Struggling with lack of concentration and brain fog, making tasks that used to seem easy now feel overwhelming?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place!

No one should have to feel unhappy with how they look and feel, and I know that an unhealthy gut and the inflammation it causes is the root of ill health. My work and systems are centered around the goal of healing your body and reducing this inflammation to create vibrant health.

I won’t ask you how much you have eaten, but rather how does the food you eat make you feel.

Through working with me you’ll…

  • Wake up in the morning feeling ready to start your day – well rested and without aches and pains which means you will have energy to do what you are meant to do.
  • Look forward to getting dressed in the morning knowing you look good in your clothes and they feel comfortable on your body so that you will feel more confident.
  • Stop worrying about what your plans are for the day and if you’ll feel well enough to participate .
  • Enjoy your food so that you won’t feel guilty about your choices and will never again have to rush to the bathroom after eating.
  • Have a greater ability to concentrate, allowing you to be more productive every day.

What’s included in my Private Be Well Balance Your Life Program:

  • Functional nutrition and wellness assessments evaluating your personal needs to fully address every aspect of your health so you will get results.
  • Phone sessions for accountability, support and education to help you to move confidently toward your goals.
  • Text and email access so you never feel like you are alone. You don’t have to wait to get the support you need.
  • Personalized menu templates and supplement recommendations to create a nourishing plan designed specifically for you.
  • Testing for food sensitivities, specific nutrient needs and nutritional genetic testing are optional additions to the program.
  • And much, much more – all designed to support you in reaching your goals!

After completion of the 90 day Private Be Well Balance Your Life Program you may continue on a month-to-month basis.

Let me tell you about my client Susan.

Susan suffered from chronic fatigue daily as well as regularly upset digestion and headaches. She always felt bloated after eating. She wasn’t able to concentrate at work with her “foggy” brain. She was the heaviest she’d ever been and nothing she did seemed to make the scale budge. Though she’d already made changes to her diet, which helped a little at first, she didn’t seem to be shifting her daily symptoms.

When assessing her history of medication use, incidents of stressful events, eating, as well as her sleep and exercise habits, we were able to create an eating and lifestyle plan to get her on track.

Within just three months she achieved a desirable weight and loved the way her clothes fit without feeling like she was going hungry. Her productivity at work increased and she no longer had to be embarrassed by her forgetfulness. She was sleeping well at night and waking up feeling rested, and she felt great after eating without having to worry where the nearest bathroom was.

Her family life improved, as she was always ready and willing to participate in activities and adventures. Her marriage also improved because she didn’t have to nap after work and could help with running the household!

My services are perfect for you if…

You’ve suffered with poor health for a long period of time and are tired of the one-size-fits-all approach. You’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to work. You’re tired of going hungry without getting any results. You’re motivated to make changes to your lifestyle and are looking for results that will last a lifetime. You’re tired of not getting answers and are sick of the “Band-Aids” given to you to address your symptoms and ill health, but not the root causes.

My services are not for you if…

You’re looking for a quick fix and don’t have time to commit to making real changes in your lifestyle and eating habits. You’re not willing to move on from the “dieting” mentality that hasn’t served you.

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"Lynda has been terrific! One on One coaching has been the answer for me. She has taught me how to eat better and live healthier in a lifestyle of much travel and eating out! She has given me a great ideas and has challenged me to be my best in a very realistic sustainable way. I am so happy to have found her!"

– Julie B.